The Complete Guide to Improve Emotional Intelligence

Increasing the emotional quotient with the most outstanding nonfiction books

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Life is full of surprises, and pretty often, you can’t predict what is waiting for you behind a corner. And sometimes, it knocks us out so much that we no longer understand what is going on and what to do to move in the right direction again.

In such scenarios, it is action-time for the ever-important skill — emotional intelligence. It requires self-awareness, proper emotion management, empathy, and other fundamental abilities. And today’s turbulent times desperately call for nurturing them all to deal with the uncertainties.

For these reasons, we have picked top-5 nonfiction bestsellers that will guide you through the jungles of your inner world and help your emotional intelligence blossom. So, are you ready to maintain a meaningful and joyful life? Go on reading!

Day 1. How Will You Measure Your Life? by Clayton M. Christensen

Even though How Will You Measure Your Life? was published in 2012, people still claim it is one of the most impactful and meaningful self-help books ever. Perhaps, the author’s life path is the reason. After facing many challenges, like beating cancer he previously lost his father to, Clayton Christensen started to question everything. These events made him think about what matters in life and how to measure it before it’s too late. 

In How Will You Measure Your Life? you will find worthy ideas and insights no matter your age, background, or occupation. It is indeed the case of ‘one book fits all.’

Day 2. Brain Wash: Detox Your Mind for Clearer Thinking, Deeper Relationships, and Lasting Happiness by David Perlmutter M.D. and Austin Perlmutter M.D.

Written by a father-son duo, where David Perlmutter is a prominent neurologist and Austin Perlmutter is an internal medicine physician, Brain Wash is based on science and science only. That’s why there is no reason to doubt all eye-opening facts and valuable tips you can find in it. If you are ready to program your brain for the happiest life possible, then this book is a must-read!

Day 3. Chatter: The Voice in Our Heads, Why It Matters, and How To Harness It by Ethan Kross, Ph.D.

In his book Chatter, Ethan Kross, Ph.D., reveals an important fact — the constant yatter in your head is the way your mind communicates with you! The matter is that this voice that we talk to has two faces: an inner critic and a great helper. So what should we do? Tame it!

From Ethan Kross’s bestseller, you will learn the most helpful tips and tricks. How to pay attention to your subconscious mind and control the conscious one, how to accept your Chatter, and how to prevent it from transforming into an inner critic are among them. So are you ready to make a new friend?

Day 4. Is It Just Me? by Miranda Hart

Let’s face it — we are all awkward. Thus, you can either spend your life overthinking it or embrace this truth and enjoy every moment of being a weirdo. And there is a great title that will help you on your journey to self-acceptance — Is It Just Me? by Miranda Hart. Filled with witty jokes alongside truly actionable life advice, Is It Just Me? will help you live freely ever after and, of course, will reassure you that no, it’s not just you.

Day 5. The Greatest You: Face Reality, Release Negativity, and Live Your Purpose by Trent Shelton, Lou Aronica

At some point in his life, Trent Shelton stumbled on a series of unfortunate events. What he once regarded as his life purpose eventually faded away, and everything that was happening made him feel like the unluckiest man on Earth. Yet, Trent found the light in the darkness and got his life back on track despite everything. In his book The Greatest You, he opens up about how he managed to do it and how to fill your life with meaning and happiness once again. Inspiring and light-hearted, this title will prove to you that people are stronger than any obstacle they face on their way.

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What is a summary anyways?

Have you ever wished that you could read an entire book in 15 minutes or less without missing all the crucial information? After all, there are dozens of worthy titles in the world. However, even if you dedicated every single minute of your life to reading, that wouldn’t be enough to dig into all the books. That’s when summaries come to help.

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At Headway, every piece of content is original. The team picks the most outstanding books, and our talented writers turn them into 15-minute reads. No critical information is excluded from summaries! Only the best insights and minimum time to read them. What’s more? Our groundbreaking illustrator creates all book covers! Take a minute to look into all the metaphors inside the book jackets. It’s worth it! 

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Not only is there a massive collection of nonfiction book summaries, but there are also audio versions to every 15-min read! Whether you have a break at work or you don’t want to waste your time on the road, it is a perfect option to learn and evolve any second given.

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Challenge accepted!

Do you struggle with sticking to consistency? Worry no more! We’ve created unique reading challenges for different goals. Choose what you want to achieve and follow the challenge to see amazing results in 28 days or less. But what’s the fun without a little competition? Dare your friends to accept the challenge with you, see who will earn all achievements quicker, and don’t forget to discuss the insights you enjoyed the most together!

To personalize your reading experience, set up your goal:

Dive into the best insights

Not only are our writers the magicians of turning a book into 15-minute summaries, but they are also pros at highlighting key ideas and turning them into insights! There is no chance you miss them as we’ve created the most comfortable navigation through summaries so that you never miss important thoughts and words from the author. 

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Memorize it!

One of the features that we are most proud of is Spaced Repetition. It is a proven learning technique that is based on flashcards and aims to help with memorizing. How does it work? It’s simple! While reading a summary, you just need to select a word or an insight you’d like to memorize, and voilà — it turns into the flashcard in the Spaced Repetition section. Once you’ve learned certain information, the flashcard will be saved in your history. Don’t forget to check and revise it. This feature is also perfect for readers who speak English as a second language. You can add the dictionaries you need to your flashcards and improve your vocabulary.

Celebrate your progress

In the Me section, you will find your reading achievements. Check out how well you are doing compared to other Headway users, set timing goals of how much do you want to read per day, and, of course, check your current streak! Don’t worry; you will get reminders about how much time is left to finish your daily reading session, so you will never lose your score. That’s an excellent idea for the intellectual competition between your friends, family, and colleagues.

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The outstanding team

Talented and inspired people who share one common goal is the best definition of the Headway team. Our mission is to provide every person on Earth with an easy way to learn and get knowledge from the world’s best books. Being a multicultural international team, we share our experience and expertise with each other to make our product better. Every member of Headway is a brilliant specialist who adds uniqueness, passion, and new ideas to the app. People are the most significant value of Headway as they are the vital driving force that made the app successful.

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