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People who can make the most out of their productivity while not getting overtired are truly blessed in the modern world. Because being able to turn a to-do list into a done list without emptying all resources is the ultimate survival strategy of our era. You may wonder how to adopt it and master this productivity skill? No other way than Headway to the rescue!

How exactly does Headway help increase productivity? Since it’s a summary app, it allows you to learn all valuable insights from a book in just 15 minutes. And by sustaining such a reading habit, you can boost your self-growth even with the busiest lifestyle. 

Moreover, you can specifically read summaries targeted at enhancing your productivity levels. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best titles for becoming your most productive self. So go on reading to get a personal development plan!

Day 1. Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World by Cal Newport

One of the prerequisites for high productivity is the ability to go into a state of deep work without giving in to distractions. It seems evident, yet this skill is becoming rarer and rarer in our age of constant noise and disruptions. Nonetheless, Cal Newport has practical and effective advice up his sleeve to help you do more in less time by upping your concentration game. In this respect, his book Deep Work is the best way to start accomplishing any task you set your mind to in the shortest amount of time.

This book will help you boost:



✅Work performance

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